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Access doesn't only offer classes. You find Access Consciousness facilitators and tools at expos, in book clubs, at Bars and Body Process trades, on the radio, on Google Hangouts and more!

Check out the Access Events section to find out what is going on in your area or online around the world.  

There are many ways to play with the tools!  Explore to find out what works for you.



At a Venue


Online Event: Free Hangout or Zoom

A Taste of Out of the Box - with Certified Facilitator

在公園的Access Bars

你被邀請到這個在美的麗戶外活動去體驗一次Access Bars療程!每次療程都是不一樣的。最常聽到的反饋是會有一種完全放鬆的感覺,一個更平靜的頭腦以及更多的能量和創造力。

Access Consciousness Meet & Greet with a Certified Facilitator


Access 能量臉部提升是什麽?

體驗Access Bars

你受邀來這個活動體驗一次Access Bars的療程!每次的療程都是不一樣的。最常見的反饋是有一種完全放鬆的感覺,更平靜了,而且能量以及創造力的提升了。

How to Become Money Workbook

Access Consciousness at Expos

Access Bars 給予&接收

給予及接收 Access Bars® 對你及你的身體是一個不可思議的滋養及仁慈的程序。你開始打開通往合一的門 - 在那裡存在一切事物而沒有批判。在一個 Bars 交換 & 接收活動你將能與其他在你區域的 Bars 執行者交換。它是讓你固定運行你的 Bars 的一個很棒的方法!

Access Body Gifting & Receiving

Access Radio Show

The Creative Edge of Consciousness

Clarity Night

Access Book Discussion

Access Consciousness Meet Up


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