You are a gift. The likes of which this world has never seen.  You are a beautiful contribution to the world and to our lives, and we are so grateful you are here.


-- Dr. Dain Heer and Katarina Wallentin, From The Baby Unicorn Manifesto

The whole area of parenting can be very challenging for parents and kids. It doesn’t have to be. But most people make it that way. The expectations of how you are supposed to be as a parent, the conclusions about what it means to be a good parent, what a good parent does, what a bad parent does, what a good parent doesn’t do… you get the idea. No wonder so many parents and kids are not having any fun! 

If you are trying to be a good parent, if you are trying to get it right, would you be willing to give that up? What if you were willing to do it wrong? What if you stopped judging you and your kids? 

As Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness says, “I can’t teach you the rules of parenting because there are none. I can teach you the possibilities of parenting.” (Next Generation Telecall

If you are interested in the possibilities of parenting, if you would like have FUN as a parent, if you would like to empower your kids to be all they can be, you’ve come to the right place. Conscious Parents Conscious Kids (CPCK) is all about that. And we don’t just talk about it. We offer pragmatic tools that work in changing anything.

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Our children are awareness. From the day they are born they are incredibly aware; so aware that they do not separate who they are from their awareness of all the energies around them. This slowly changes around two years of age, when they start to also know who they are.

What if parenting could be fun? Maybe even easy? Conscious Parents Conscious Kids is all about that. Easy and pragmatic tips and tools on parenting that actually work.

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