Dr. Dain Heer is an internationally renowned author, speaker and facilitator of consciousness and change.

The 'Being You Adventure' classes feature tools from the best selling book 'Being You, Changing the World' as well as methods developed by Dr. Dain Heer. The book is available in 10 different languages. 

Every year, Dr. Dain receives thousands of emails from readers who say that the book inspired them to live. Somehow he is able to lead people out of their self-criticism and innate feeling of never being enough, into a sense of question, wonder and gratitude for being alive.


This book introduces you to a different way of functioning in this reality. With vulnerability, clarity and humor, Dr. Dain Heer uses his personal transformation from the verge of suicide and over the past 17 years to show you the kind of dynamic change that is actually possible.

There is no other book out there like this. It will not provide you with one single answer to hold on to. Instead it will show you how to function from question and choice, and give you access to all that you innately already know.

Want a sneak peak to what the book is about? Receive a free audio of the introduction and first chapter.