Access Telecall Series

Access Telecall Series are with Gary Douglas, Dr. Dain Heer, Simone Milasas or Brendon Watt and allow you to dive deeper into special areas that you may not be able to explore in depth in a Core class.

They’re one of the most dynamic ways for you to interact and ask questions from one of the fabulous four on a weekly or monthly basis. They are also a great way to keep up with the latest processing and tools that are being co-created in classes all over the world.

These calls can take place in the comfort of your own home, at your work, on the train or wherever you find yourself at the time of a call. Get comfortable and enjoy the ride!

An Access Telecall Series is several calls over a period of time where the lines are generally open so you can ask questions and contribute to the call. Some of the calls are also on Zoom which allows the choice for video interaction. Often you’re participating with people from all over the world with many languages on and in translation, which adds a unique and powerful dynamic to each call... global participation!

What is included?

  • You are invited to be on live calls where you can ask questions on the phone-line or listen in online via webcast or Skype.
  • You’ll receive a recording of each call and a recording of the verbal processes, so you don’t have to be on live. You can listen when it works for you and use the process loops to create deeper change. 

How does it work?

  • It is easy! The call-in information will be emailed to by the host before the first call.
  • You can send in questions to Gary, Dain, Simone or Brendon prior to the call to address the changes and experiences you are having in your life and are noticing in the world.
  • You can call in via a landline, listen to the call online, and in some cases participate with video on Zoom.
  • If you can’t make the live call, you can always listen to the recording that is available immediately after the call. 


Four Zoom calls over four weeks with Simone Milasas and Brendon Watt exploring how to use the Access Consciousness tools to choose for you and possibilities!

Den Kampf kreieren, der die Welt beendet

Dieser Kampf

Werde glücklich und bleibe es

Lass uns deine Glücksquote erhöhen. Werde GLÜCKLICH und bleibe es!

Nimm an Simone Milasas einteiligem Zoom-Telecall teil, in dem es um mehr Glücklichsein geht! Bring Champagner mit und lass uns das LEBEN feiern!

SPRING einfach, verdammt!

"Bevor du nicht springst, findest du keine andere Realität, die möglich ist." - Dr. Dain Heer

Undefinierbar, uneinschränkbar

A telecall with Gary Douglas


Du bist zu einem Erlebnis eingeladen, einer Forschungsreise genannt Energetische Synthese der Verbundenheit oder ESC, mit Dr. Dain Heer. Es ist eine Schwingung, ein Raum, in dem du mit allem verbunden bist ... auf eine andere Art. Wo du nicht bewerten musst, wo du dich oder jemand anderen nicht falsch machen musst, und du dich nicht mehr abtrennen musst von irgendetwas oder irgendjemandem.

Es tut uns leid, derzeit gibt es keine entsprechenden Kurse oder Veranstaltungen.

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