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What if you could create sex and relationship from a completely different place than you’ve been choosing?

Relationship is defined as the distance between two objects. In other words, when you are in relationship, by definition there has to be separation. Often as a relationship is created we separate from ourselves in an attempt to be close to someone else. What else may be possible?

Communion is the ability to be with anything and anyone without judgment. Communion is with all things, not just a person. It is the connection with every molecule in the universe; it’s part of oneness. In communion, you are you, regardless of what anybody else chooses.

What if you could have communion with yourself, your body, and with others? When you are able to have communion with everything then you can receive everything. This will affect not only your sex life and relationships, it will also show up in every other area of your life because it’s about the ability to receive.

What if your relationship could be about asking the question - ‘What could we create together that is greater than anything we could create apart?’

What if sex could be about the joyful expression of living? When done from that point of view, it can be expansive, wildly intense, and the possibilities can be beyond what you’ve experienced before. Sound any different from what you’ve been choosing?